FTC to Update Dot Com Disclosures

Posted May 31, 2011 by admin @ 5:33 pm

dot com disclosures

The internet’s come a long way in a short amount of time. At the turn of the 21st century, online marketing was in its early stages. While the web wasn’t an ad free zone, marketing platforms were fairly basic. Smartphones, social networks, and Youtube loomed in the distance; banners and email solicitations reigned supreme. The total number of users hovered at around 361 million, which accounts for a small fraction of global web activity today. As the online audience increased in size, digital marketers came up with a variety of ways to get their messages across. Although the industry underwent dramatic changes, the laws governing its behavior stayed the same. The federal Dot Com Disclosures emphasized the need for appropriate disclosure, but failed to address unforeseen contemporary concerns.

The Federal Trade Commission plans to reissue the Dot Com Disclosures with help from the public. Consumers, brands, and advocates on both sides are encouraged to share insight into the current legal and technological issues surrounding this issue. The FTC traditionally represents consumer interests, but they specifically requested input from advertisers as well. This signifies a willingness to draft a reasonable compromise. Advertisers should definitely make their voices heard. Submit comments here! You also have the option of sending feedback via snail mail.

Some may be skeptical of the agency because of its anti-business stance, but there’s no reason to fear the FTC at this time. They’re at least open to hearing alternative viewpoints, which give marketers an opportunity to explain the necessity of controversial tactics. For instance, watchdog groups often question behavioral targeting tools. Anyone familiar with this type of data collection knows it’s a completely benign method of combining anonymous geographic information, browsing history, and available demographic characteristics. Besides, there are lots of resources for those who want to block ads entirely. There’s no cause for drastic action when the responsibility truly lies with the viewers. It’s also important to note that internet advertising is one of the only thriving fields during this period of economic recovery. The FTC doesn’t want to implement job killing regulations in a time of high unemployment; however, they might be tempted to so if the response appears one sided. Consumer lobbyists tend to capitalize on these opportunities to influence legislation. This is a chance to finally educate people about staples, such as tracking cookies, retargeting, and location based services. Set the record straight by commenting today!

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JC Penney Reclaims Search Throne

Posted May 24, 2011 by admin @ 5:12 pm

JC Penney found themselves in hot water back in February as a result of a large scale black hat SEO debacle. The New York Times divulged the details about JC Penney buying massive amounts of links in order to dominate Google’s organic search results. The well known retailer cornered the market on an array of highly competitive as well as perplexing keywords, which raised instant red flags. Their actions violated Google’s policies, and they were officially placed on a 3 month time out period as punishment for attempting to game the system. (more…)

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The Science of Advertising

Posted May 23, 2011 by admin @ 5:48 pm

Outstanding ads definitely leave an impression on the audience. Opinions vary as to what constitutes a remarkable marketing achievement. For instance, an ad’s stickiness may be an accurate indicator regardless of the emotions it elicits. Consumers often recall jingles with amazing accuracy, although they report that they consider the same tune annoying. Repetition undoubtedly plays a role in retention rates. At the same time, people tune out when they feel totally disengaged from the message. (more…)

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Say No To Content Farms

Posted May 10, 2011 by admin @ 2:44 pm

Quality content is essential to successful monetization. Compelling commentary engages the audience thereby decreasing bounce rates. Interested users demonstrate a willingness to interact with brands and “share” information through social networking platforms. Online marketing professionals know the value of superior copywriting, but it’s difficult to maintain consistency without a dependable in-house staff. (more…)

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Facebook Faces Social Advertising Lawsuit

Posted May 3, 2011 by admin @ 5:24 pm

Facebook finds itself confronting yet another lawsuit. This claim alleges violations of relatively obscure New York laws involving the privacy of minors. The Plaintiff seeks class action status as well as a portion of the site’s advertising revenue. Apparently New York law demands that marketers obtain parental permission prior to utilizing a minor’s name or likeness for commercial purposes. (more…)

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Favicons Alleviate Cyber Security Concerns

Posted May 2, 2011 by admin @ 5:36 pm

Advertisers Enhance Listing Legitimacy Through Branded Search Results integrates Favicons across an array of products, services, and brands. Associated advertisers gain instant brand recognition by presenting the familiar logos consumers know and trust alongside sponsored text ads. (more…)

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Persuasion Profiling & The Future of Advertising

Posted by admin @ 4:27 pm

Internet marketing affords advertisers a host of opportunities for creating content designed to appeal to specific individuals. This kind of targeting exposes the limitations within other mediums, such as television, print, and radio. While demographic data exists with regards to viewership, these broad trends reveal little about particular audience members. As such, it’s difficult to measure a campaign’s effectiveness. Online ads deliver instant data with respect to user response i.e. clicks as well as conversions; however, improvements in this arena are always welcome. (more…)

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