Burbank was originally purchased by Dr. David Burbank. He was active in Los Angeles real estate and purchased portions of both ranchos in 1867! After his purchase he combined them into one large ranch where he raised sheep, built a ranch style home, and occasionally sold small pieces of land. Dr. Burbank sold the Southern Pacific Railroad a stretch of right-a-way for only one dollar. The very first train passed through the city of Burbank on April 5, 1874. Later after selling his property altogether for $250,000 the town of Burbank was established on May 1, 1887! The population was just five hundred when the incorporation was approved in 1911.
Burbank continued to grow in entertainment and aviation! Both of these industries came to Burbank because of the amazing location and ample space. Lockheed purchased a piece of farmland when aviation was still at its early start in the 1920's. During wartime it pushed the aviation industry and Burbank's population to a record high in 1943.
The entertainment industry also moved to Burbank during the 1920's. First National Pictures bought 78 acres of land just on Olive Avenue! The company was soon taken over by four brothers by the name of Warner. History was later made when the Warner Brothers released the first talking movie, The Jazz Singer! Walt Disney's company later bought 51 acres of land in Burbank. Disney was completed in 1939 on Buena Vista Street.
Burbank maintains its great relationship with such influential companies like Disney and Warner Brothers. On July 8, 2011, the community commemorated the 100 th anniversary of its incorporation. The history of Burbank goes as far as most city histories do, but ours is special. We have such a unique town. Burbank has a lot to be proud of! Every business that has the privilege of residing in Burbank is proud as well, and AdMedia is no exception!