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Studio Tours

Go behind the scenes

Warner Bros

One of the best places to get a behind the scenes look is Warner Brothers! Guests of WB are offered a close look and rare opportunity to observe Hollywood at work! No, this isn't a theme park, but it's worth it! The tour is approximately two hours and fifteen minutes via cart. The cart will take you to the back street lots, sets, craft shops and sound stages! Each tour is unique in its own way. During the tour you are able to walk onto hit television show sets, see how certain sets are made, watch as sound effects are being created, look at all of the props in the amazing Warner Brothers prop department, and even see your favorite cars from your favorite shows! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you're ever in the Burbank area you should really give it a try! Who knows, you might even see a star. After all, it is a studio!


NBC offers the exact same tour, but at a different cost. It's actually the best priced studio tour in Burbank. At a super low admission fee of $8.50 you'll be getting the same things that Warner Brothers, ABC TV, CBS, Fox, and KCNET. NBC's tour is modest. They offer a down to earth walking tour that lasts about seventy minutes. They aren't going to entertain you with special effects and disguise their tour within a theme park. Instead, they are giving you a one of a kind opportunity to spend the day as though you belong on set. You can experience things for yourself and to what you want to see. The price is too low to pass up.