Case Study

Bank Of America


Bank of America Corporation is an American Multinational Financial Services Company Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is Ranked 2nd on the List of Largest Banks in the United States by Assets.

Campaign Objectives

  • Wanting to Evolve their Approach to Advertising, Bank Of America Requested AdMedia add a Human Oversight Element to their Advertising. Deep Diving our Outreach to Make Sure We Were Only Showing Ads on Websites, Video Channels, etc that Reflected BofA’s Ethos and Mission Statement.
  • Looking To Promote and Grow their Merrill Edge Investments Portion Of The BofA Business. Up-Sell Current and New Users with Their Services.
  • BofA Knew They Needed a Larger Social Footprint. They Wished to Drive Engagement and Growth to Facebook & Twitter.

Key Highlights

  • Using Video Across Platforms as the Strongest Awareness-Driving Format, We Drove Engagement and Growth Through Placements in Mobile, Digital, and Social Environments. AdMedia Grew the Overall Social Footprint by Over 15% in 90 Days. Growing the Engagement Rate by Over 1200% in the Same Time Span.
  • AdMedia Targeted Segmented Audiences Within BofA’s Target Demographic, Garnering Over 5,000 Leads for the MEI Sales Team.
  • Scaling Back their Advertising Approach Not Only Helped to Show the Progressive Nature of BofA as a Brand but also Garnered a 22% Higher ROI than their Previous Outreach Performed in the Same Time Frame.


Social Growth 16% Increase
Social Engagement 1231% Increase
Leads Generated For Merrill Edge Investments 5,000+
Advertising ROI 22% Increase From Previous Year

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