Case Study

Creative Bioscience


Creative Bioscience is a major developer of weight loss solutions and vitamin supplements. Their goal was to promote one of their top-featured products, Garcinia Cambogia Green Coffee Bean Complex, to a wider audience of health-conscious individuals.

Campaign Objectives

  • Attract more followers on social media and more website conversions
  • Target health and fitness websites
  • Increase sales of Garcinia Cambogia GCB Complex

Key Highlights

  • Banner ads and Vslider ads targeted to health websites, fitness advice blogs, and vitamin supplement review sites
  • Conversions to Garcinia Cambogia GCB Complex product page increased significantly by the end of the campaign
  • The brand saw a lift in awareness after a week


Unique Visitors 65% increase
Total Visits 90% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor 33% decrease
Cost per Visit 55% decrease
Maintained Audience Engagement 2.4+ PVs/visit
Click-Through Rate 1.7%

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