Case Study

Five-Four Club


The Five Four Club is a monthly subscription box that offers exclusive men’s apparel from the Five Four clothing brand for $60 a month. Clothing is geared towards a younger, casual man who dresses for the weekend. After taking a short online quiz, men will receive a perceived value of $120 worth of items from their seasonal collection until you cancel the subscription. All the pieces from Five Four Club are yours to keep, and members get free sizing exchanges if the received items are not to their complete satisfaction.

Campaign Objectives

  • Promote First Month 50% Off Subscription, Acquire New Members From Social Channels like Facebook & Instagram
  • Utilize Engine To Follow Potential Sign-Ups Cross-Channel & Cross-Device To Entice New Customer Registrations with escalating offers of savings
  • Scale Audience Outreach By Creating Look-A-Like Audiences Based Off Current Members Interests, Behaviors, Demo’s, Etc.

Key Highlights

  • First Month Of Sales From Our Campaign Resulted In a Surge Of Sign-Ups, Growing The Overall Member Base 11% In One Month
  • Grew Five-Four’s Member Base a Total of 26% In Our Three Month Campaign, Amassing Their Largest Monthly Profits Up Till That Point.
  • Grew Five-Four’s Social Footprint with Over 30k Likes/Followers to Their Facebook & Instagram


New Memberships 26% Increase
Social Growth 30k+ Likes (17% Increase)
Website Unique Visitors 42% Increase

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