Case Study

GEICO - Auto Insurance Quotes


GEICO hoped to find a way to bring back lost customers and convert them. They were able to turn their idea into a reality using AdMedia's remarketing technology.

Campaign Objectives

  • Regain lost customers and attract new visitors to the website
  • Convert more visitors and insurance policy shoppers

Key Highlights

  • GEICO ads targeted users across multiple channels, including thank-you emails, blogs, news sites, and online marketplaces
  • Remarketing allowed for an increase in returning customers and visitors
  • Higher CTRs that resulted in more site traffic and brand awareness


Unique Visitors 52% increase
Total Visits 98% increase
Cost per Unique Visitor 44% decrease
Cost per Visit 51% decrease
Maintained Audience Engagement 3.8+ PVs/visit
Click-Through Rate 1.9%

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