Case Study

McAfee, Inc


McAfee wanted to reel in users who were looking for a trusty anti-virus for their PC. To do so, McAfee ran search ads and targeted users based on their keywords and devices.

Campaign Objectives

  • To convert search traffic
  • To bring in more visitors to the McAfee website
  • To target people specifically looking for anti-virus software

Key Highlights

  • A paid search campaign was deployed, targeting a set of anti-virus related keywords
  • Users were also targeted based on the device that they were using to make search results more relevant
  • The brand increased traffic and conversions thanks to the campaign


Cost-per-click $0.75
Impressions 2,000,000
Clicks 19,000
Lift in awareness 20%
Conversion rate 1.5%
Savings from other ad networks 25%

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