MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit: Retail

  •   February 12 -19, 2022
  •   San Diego, California


Clicks to Bricks Personalization: Understanding 'This' Customer

As the phygital retail experience brings digital expectations into B&M, it won't be enough for retail marketers to understand "the customer." It is time to understand this customer - the one right in front of you this second - the one with her own history of dealing with your brand on and off and with her own needs and preferred touch-points.

The Retail Brand Insider Summit will cover:

  • Media buying in the omnichannel customer journey
  • Personalization across channels
  • Building the better martech stack
  • Leveraging loyalty programs
  • The personalized retail experience

As retailers plan their 4th quarter marketing strategies, MediaPost gathers some of the best minds in the business to show their work and chart the next generation of personalization. Welcome to the concierge era of retail.

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