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  •   May 15 -18, 2022
  •   Charleston, South Carolina

CPG 2022: The Great Transformation
Attention CPG marketers, it’s time to invest in a more diverse media playbook. Direct consumer engagement and selling, once foreign territory, is now a business imperative. With more and more digital native brands jumping into the marketplace, and consumers’ changing behaviors and hyper shift to digital channels, brands need to adapt to effectively compete.

With so much competition, brand loyalty is also more elusive. Consumers’ expectations are higher, and the path to purchase more complex. D2C channels, marketplaces, in-store…there are countless ways to sell to shoppers, with a plethora of touchpoints along the way. MediaPost’s Brand Insider Summit shares how brands are using data to not only better understand their customer’s journey, but to develop innovative ways to differentiate themselves and foster more personalized consumer relationships.

This event covers:

  • Media planning for omni-channel CPG shoppers
  • Tracking and collecting 1st-party data from multiple channels
  • Building more intimate consumer relationships through first-party data
  • Merging product development and marketing
  • Expanding your social footprint
  • Selling direct to consumers through platforms like Pinterest
  • The explosion of short-form video and micro influencers

In case studies, discussion sessions and MediaPost's signature roundtables, we bring some of the most experienced CPG marketers together to share their best practices and examples of how they’re navigating today’s ever-fluctuating CPG landscape.

Attendees of the MediaPost Summits Empower Their Organizations

  • Optimize your digital marketing strategy by participating in top quality content
  • Congenial summit experience with all attendees working together to enhance digital marketing programs
  • Be a real part of driving the digital industry forward
  • Unparalleled networking with other senior level digital marketing professionals and development of lifelong professional contacts
  • Editorially driven content and structure to promote professional summit experience for real knowledge exchange during the daytime hours
  • Actual capped attendance in order to ensure meaningful, productive networking so all attendees leave really knowing and learning from their fellow participants


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