Meet AdMedia @ MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit Retail

  •   August 20 - 23, 2023
  •   Lake Tahoe, CA

The AdMedia team proudly sponsors the upcoming MediaPost Retail Brand Insider Summit, an event focused on the value proposition of 2023. In today's rapidly evolving retail landscape, meeting consumer expectations and delivering authentic, customer-centric experiences is more crucial than ever. The summit brings together retail marketing executives to discuss omnichannel strategies, addressing topics such as adapting to consumer demands, leveraging data for personalization, navigating economic challenges, revamping loyalty programs, driving online purchases, creating seamless customer experiences, leveraging social media and influencers, exploring partnerships and retail media network opportunities, and optimizing media planning in an omnichannel environment. Join us as we delve into the expanding intersection of marketing and technology, uncovering innovative approaches to meet the changing demands of today's shoppers.

Event expired!