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Graphical banner Ads

Don’t let your ads become out dated, revitalize your advertising campaign with Graphical banner ads. Graphical banner ads will impress and attract users. Consumers are able interact with the ads instead of simply viewing images and text. With Graphical banner ads the possibilities are endless.

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Cost Per View (CPV)

AdMedia CPV ensures that targeted consumers are sent to your website only after showing initial interest in the type of product or service you offer. With AdMedia CPV, advertisers only pay when a user clicks and views the desired advertisement.

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Display Ads

When you combine graphics and targeted content you increase the impact of your ads. AdMedia Display incorporates unique graphics and specifically targeted content in order to deliver superior click-through rates and higher brand recognition. All this means higher conversion rates for you.

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Re-targeting is a tested method of converting leads into sales. When an ad captures the attention of a consumer it brings them to your website, but what happens when their initial interaction doesn’t lead to a sale? Without conversion your advertising dollars are wasted. Don’t waste advertising dollars, Re-Target and start converting leads today!

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