Click Fraud Can Cost You Money. How to Prevent It?

Close to 30% of clicks on paid ads are determined as fraudulent. There are plenty of scammers and unscrupulous competitors that are looking to drive your budget up, cost you money and lower your brand awareness. Fortunately for you, we've teamed up with RiskIQ and Integral Ad Science to protect you from suspicious activities and to ensure that your brand is never associated with inappropriate content.

Detect Click Fraud and Qualify the Right Clicks

All traffic sources are tested for fraudulent activities. We base this on standard user behavior and proprietary sources and statistics. We have high quality standards for all clicks; only those that pass our strict requirements will be counted.

What Are We Analyzing?

There's a lot of technological advancements in click fraud from bots, pop-unders and a host of other programs and scripts. Our technology separates the true clicks apart from fraudulent and automated ones by taking into account user behavior and patterns, along with ad viewability and malware identification. All this is done in real-time and you can monitor such activity instantly.

Stop Losing Money to Click Fraud.

Improve your ROI and protect your digital brand. Get started with a consultation with our knowledgeable agents who can get you started with an account today. With our technology against click fraud, be assured that your ads are seen by the right audience.

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