Inline Text Ads

Inline Text Ads

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Are you worried that advertisements will take away from the integrity of your website, but would still like to benefit from advertising revenue? We all could use extra income right now, and becoming an AdMedia affiliate will help you do just that. You will never compromise the integrity of your website with our unique and targeted ads. Inline Text Link advertising is just another way in which AdMedia allows affiliates to advertise without bombarding consumers.

The Way Inline Text Ads Works

When a visitor lands on your page they will be able to view all of your content as usual. The visitor will only be able to see advertisements when they scroll over the linked text. The affiliate gets to determine which text will be linked and how often. The amount of advertisements per page is left entirely up to you. AdMedia Account Managers work with you to generate targeted ads, so that the right ads are linked to your website text. Your website users will be pleased to find relevant targeted ads, and you can profit from high conversion rates.

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