Local XML Search Data Feed

Local XML Search Data Feed

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Earn more money with an AdMedia Local XML Search Data Feed. With this feed, AdMedia affiliates will be able to streamline their data feed management easier and faster than ever. Earn extra revenue by providing visitors with a useful service. Consumers prefer shopping locally. See higher conversions when you provide visitors with listings of relevant local businesses.

Eighty percent of consumers shop locally, so why aren't you utilizing a local XML search feed? By incorporating Local XML Search Feeds into your website, you can improve your quality and volume of traffic. Get ranked higher on major search engines and benefit from higher conversion rates.

With AdMedia Local XML, your website users will receive ads and business listings from businesses in their area. They are more likely to click on ads and convert, because studies show consumers are more interested in local services.

Upgrade your feed now. Incorporate AdMedia Local XML today.

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