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XML Search Feed

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The best way to get results and optimize your search engine is by utilizing a great XML feed. Here at AdMedia we understand that XML can seem like a foreign and complex subject. We prefer to make the process as easy as possible for our affiliates. When you utilize an AdMedia XML Feed you can easily incorporate our search results into the services your website already provides. Using an AdMedia XML Feed will provide your users with search results; it never interferes with the operation of your website. When you add XML feeds you provide functionality to your website and keep users satisfied.

AdMedia XML feeds allow you to benefit from popular search engines like Yahoo and Google as well as highly-ranked shopping sites. If you operate a large website that offers a variety of products and services, then an XML feed is a great way to optimize your search engine.

What an XML Feed Can Do for You

It creates a structured file format that ensures all relevant information can feed directly into an index of your choosing. For best results, select major indexes like Google and Yahoo. An efficient XML feed will maximize your website's potential because it gets you ranked on major search engines. In other words, XML feeds allow you to partner up with other search engines, in order to provide your visitors with the information they require through increased search results. XML feeds are re-written HTML that have been simplified and fed into search engine indexes. They then read and interpret data in order to secure high keyword exposure.

For affiliates who are new to working with XML, AdMedia is your best option. Our Account Managers are here to explain the process to you and work with you to optimize your website's potential. With AdMedia you are never left in the dark. You will always be able to check the efficiency of our XML feeds because we continuously track your account and provide you with detailed reports. Speak with one of our Account Managers to coordinate all aspects of your search feed program; they can explain everything from the technology used, to keyword analysis, and optimization, and will work with you to select which search engines you would like to target and the best shopping comparison sites to utilize.

Incorporate AdMedia XML today and start benefiting from major indexes.

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