What is Re-Targeting?

Re-targeting is a tested method of converting leads into sales. When an ad captures the attention of a consumer it brings them to your website, but what happens when their initial interaction doesn't lead to a sale? Without conversion your advertising dollars are wasted.

Small businesses often have a hard time leading loyal customers away from brands they trust. In order to compete, small businesses invest in online marketing campaigns, but don't see a desired return on investment. Despite unique ads, eye catching websites, and local profiles, these businesses can't seem to get the conversion rates they desire.

By incorporating Re-Targeting these businesses would gain brand recognition and establish a relationship with consumers, something that is necessary for a high conversion rate.

How It Works

When a consumer visits your website our server automatically tags their computer. Once a tag is placed on the user, AdMedia will be able to track their behaviors as they browse their favorite websites. When they read daily news articles, check Facebook profiles or look into celebrity gossip, AdMedia will be ready with targeted advertisements from your business. These ads do not appear as annoying pop-ups; instead they appear as normal advertisements on popular web pages.

After viewing your ads continuously, consumers will begin to recognize your brand and are more likely to re-visit your website. High visibility equals increased conversion rates and a higher ROI for your business.

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