Overlay Ads

Overlay Ads

overlay ads

Almost every webpage contains images that go along with text. Whether these pictures are original pieces or stock photos, they engage readers while adding undeniable aesthetic value. But these engaging visuals can do more than just enhance your site's appearance; they represent a source of additional revenue as well!

The OverlayAd Opportunity

Where other companies see ordinary static content, AdMedia recognizes another lucrative marketing resource. Our OverlayAd product transforms images into advertising platforms by connecting photos to similar products and services.

The OverlayAd algorithm scans your pages for important keywords to get an idea of the page's theme. With that information in mind, the system selects ads that will go along with the subject matter. Ads appear when users hover over the pictures and remain there until they move on or opt out manually.

Additional Features

AdMedia jam packs OverlayAd widgets with tons of tools that lower bounce rates. Our ads also allow users the ability to scroll along with secondary searches. That means viewers don't need to leave your site to access outside content. You'll be able to integrate our ads onto your site in a matter of minutes without making any changes to the design.

We follow your lead when it comes to updates or modifications; every time you add a new picture or change an old one, the algorithm automatically adjusts itself. Of course, you get paid every time a unique user clicks on one of our in-images ads. The image size doesn't matter as long as there's room in your wallet!

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