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Click Fraud Can Cost You Money. How to Prevent It?

Close to 30% of clicks on paid ads are determined as fraudulent. There are plenty of scammers and unscrupulous competitors that are looking to drive your budget up, cost you money and lower your brand awareness. Fortunately for you, we've teamed up with RiskIQ and Integral Ad Science to protect you from suspicious activities and to ensure that your brand is never associated with inappropriate content.

Our Method of Protecting Our Clients

  • Multi-tier Approach to Safety: Not all traffic is perfect. There are a lot of sites that deliver visitors from less than trusted sources and by less than trusted means. We take into account multiple factors in previewing sites even before a video ad is published from it. Our platform will ensure your ad will deliver on ROI and provide you the safety to create more campaigns.
  • Detect Click Fraud and Qualifying the Right Clicks: All traffic sources are tested for fraudulent activities. We base this on standard user behavior and other sources and statistics. We have high quality standards for all clicks, only those that pass our strict requirements will not be blocked from your ads. Rest assured, you will get true clicks.
  • You Are Enabled to Control Traffic: We have our automated multi-tiered approach to preventing click fraud. But our platform allows you to control each every source of traffic; you also are enabled to increase or decrease or completely block sources of traffic at your choice. You get complete control of your referral sources.
  • Separate the Good Traffic from the Bad: Get the most out of your traffic by rooting out the bad links, bad sources and bad referrals. Get your video campaigns seen by real users who are willing to act upon your message. Request for a consultation now.

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