Advertising Solutions: Selecting the Most Effective Advertising Techniques

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We hear them on the television and radio, we see them on billboards, in newspapers and magazines, and we get them in letter and email form; advertising is everywhere. Why? Because it is vital to help a company survive in an ever growing and competitive world. Behind these ads are messages and images that help the average consumer choose whom they spend their money on or with. But advertising is more than just a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head or a bright image that catches your eye; it's the way a company tries to communicate with the consumer.

It's important to advertise for obvious reasons. To let people know your company exists and what you can offer. Many companies are going online. Sites like Living Social, Groupon and Facebook are bringing in new traffic to a company's web site and in-person, but advertising in television, radio and print are still just as effective. There is still a huge amount of the population that turns to TV, radio, billboards and print ads for information. Offering people a hand out or letter in the mail gives them something they can bring home or keep with them serving as a constant reminder that the company exists and offers something to benefit the consumer. A good example of a handout or letter can be found in money saving magazines. Coupon or clipper magazines offer deals from companies with two-for-one or buy one, get one free coupons. These coupons not only offer people a way to save money but are a physical piece of paper that helps drive people to come into the business helping boost traffic, sales and one-on-one customer service. Websites like Groupon and Living Social also help companies increase traffic to their websites and in store, even if that means an online business, and allow a business to practice personal customer service.

Of course advertising the 'old fashioned' way through TV, radio and print helps build people's trust and presents the business as more real. With so many online scams and websites that lead to nowhere, people want to be able to trace and trust the company before spending their hard earned cash. Local television, radio and print media offer advertising where people live and spend their money. For local businesses this is ideal. Local news broadcasts are a prime time to advertise any local business. Another good use of television and radio is niche marketing. A snowboarding company advertising during the Winter X-Games or a country station with an ad for cowboy boots is a great example of niche marketing.

Whether a company is offering humor, patriotism, facts or discounts in their ads, any outlet can work. As consumers drive across the roads of America billboards will never go out of style. We still all watch our favorite TV shows and enjoy our favorite music, despite doing it while browsing online. Choosing the right advertising is important to any business large or small and most forms of it provided today work. Advertising may arguably be the oxygen to any company, which is why it is important for a business to understand what audience they are targeting and what form would be best suited for that audience.

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