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AdMedia revolutionizes health decision-making for health consumers, healthcare providers, and health/pharma companies.

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Why Companies Turn To AdMedia

With the most intelligent view of health audiences that refines and improves over time, Signal simplifies

  • High Performance – our two-click search model ensures precise, high-quality traffic and eliminates fraud.
  • Easy Portability – use existing campaigns to get started.
  • Scalability - reduce media waste by optimizing ad campaigns with integrated measurements.
  • Privacy-Safe - reach high-quality health audiences in a privacy-safe way, complying with HIPAA and NAI guidelines.
  • Flexibility - 450 integrated SSP’s, DMP's, and publishers allow for media versatility.

The Most Dimensional View Of The Health Customer

The Only Integrated Data Platform for Health
Through data analytics, machine learning, and programmatic automation, we interpret the hard-to-read signals of the customer journey and understand the connection points between relevance and engagement. We do this by unifying real-world digital and clinical data to create a unique and precise view of health audiences that refines, improves, and increases its view over time. This enables us to deliver a suite of managed and self-service tools that deliver data insights and allow the seamless activation of health options.

AdMedia Search Drives Traffic At Scale And ROI

2 in 4 US adults use AdMedia health properties each month

AdMedia’s health properties have 50% more reach than the next competitor

AdMedia has over 95% reach in the US

Top Condition-Based Keyword Categories

Pain Management

over 27MM searches & 3.5MM
ad clicks

Skin Conditions

over 18MM searches & 6MM
ad clicks


over 12MM searches & 3MM
ad clicks


over 31MM searches & 6MM
ad clicks

Measure & Optimize Your Health Wellness or Pharma Advertising

AdMedia provides a data-driven approach to optimizing media campaigns.

Digital Impacts

Move beyond typical and traditional metrics to understand the true campaign impact. Garner a deeper understanding of HCP and health profile-related analytics and measure its impact on patient behavior. Connect your campaign spending to business impact and ROI.

Cross-Channel Reach

Optimize your advertising campaigns based on the impact of each channel. AdMedia can identify the audience overlap and determine how each channel works in isolation, and together, to drive health outcomes. Our unique approach leverages a consistent exposed vs. control methodology to deliver more accurate results.

Segmenting & Planning Your Health Wellness or Pharma Advertising

AdMedia implements privacy-safe technology and data assets to identify relevant patient audiences.

Segment by Patient

AdMedia’s innovative approach to segmentation leverages the power of data science to uncover relevant audiences. Advertisers can better identify and understand your target patients by connecting actual patient-level health data with demographic, socioeconomic, consumer, and media data.

Patient Profiles

Upon defining your potential patients, AdMedia provides insights of your target DTC audiences. By combining health and behavioral data with thousands of demographic, socio-economic, and consumer variables, AdMedia offers custom-defined patient cohorts that can be activated across channels.

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