Native Advertising

Native advertising, or sponsored content, is a type of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural flow and function of the user experience where it is placed.

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Forms of Native Advertising

average 5x return

“In-Feed” Ads

Ads that are placed within content feeds of blogs and social media networks.

over 100 million

Search & Promoted Ads

Ads that are placed at the top of major search engines or in the sidebars.

make $200 billion

Recommended Ads

Ads that appear at the bottom of articles to guide the user’s next action.

Why Go Native?

Higher Impressions

Research shows that 53% more consumers view in-feed, native ads over standard display ads.

Greater CTR

Research shows that the Click-Through Rate (CTR) of native ads is 40x more than standard display ads.

Mobile Branding

97% of mobile media consumers report native ads effectively achieving branding goals.

Drives Sales

Native ads have proven 18% higher lifts in purchase intents over standard banner ads.

Consistency by AdMedia has created proprietary computer vision technology which analyzes images to understand the critical elements like faces, objects, text areas, and more, to format the image perfectly – on any site across any device – every time.

Easy Integration

Enable biddable native inventory via existing RTB infrastructure, DSPs, and bidders. No special integration is necessary.

RTB Purchase Power

Native goes beyond programmatic to have a true RTB auction, enabling buyers and sellers to leverage unique data, bidding algorithms, and real-time insights.

Custom Content Units

The possibilities for the creation of custom units are limitless.

Features of Native Ads


Ads can be conveyed under “Suggested Post”,
“Recommended For You”, or “Promoted Story”.


Native ad widgets can suggest video ads to viewers.


Native ads can subtly communicate that the
content is “sponsored”.


Buttons help denote that the content is a paid ad.

How AdMedia Boosts Your Native Advertising

When you use Native, your content appears as featured links and suggested posts on some of the world’s largest content publishers, such as:

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