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About utilizes contextual potential to offer an alternative to Twitter, Meta, and LinkedIn for audience targeting. When serving an ad, we evaluate more than just keywords and content. We emphasize the contextual indicators, like situational, topical, environmental, and attention signals. We examine all indicators in real-time, so you only bid on the impressions that help your goals. uses machine learning to serve customers with better media and smarter buying decisions. We don’t rely on cookies or user IDs while letting the brands reach the broadest target market possible. Contextual Optimization Engine considers all advertising opportunities without depending on the cookies and user IDs. We capture hundreds of signals every second and enhance addressable and non-addressable inventory value to offer the best of service. This helps in learning the behavior of each unique impression and uncovering the patterns in no time.

Supply Side Platform's SSP (Supply Side Platform) is backed by advanced contextual signals that link publishers and buyers for improved performance.

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Contextual Reimagined

Supply Side Platform is powered by a Contextual Optimization Engine that differentiates impressions in real-time.

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Unmatched Deals curates quality addressable and non-addressable inventory that provides customers with customized deals.

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Supply Side Platform offers creative ad formats that help brands put themselves in the spotlight and engage customers better.

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The Contextual Optimization Engine handpicks all the signals, including swipes, scrolls, expands, touches, tilts, etc., and uses them with unique AI algorithms. These signals are captured as soon as they occur.


Irrespective of using cookies or not, the Contextual Optimization Engine optimizes your KPIs in a meaningful manner. We identify and prioritize the most beneficial impressions from our non-addressable inventory and provide users with smart recommendations on areas like placement, frequency, creativity, and other campaign dimensions. Our system works hand-in-hand with the audience strategy to offer you the best services.

An intersection happens between the highest-performing audience and inventory, which helps find the users you were missing. When it comes to impressions, inventory signals and predictive modeling determine the optimum KPI to use.

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" offered us exponentially improved results, reinforcing the power of using contextual data to measure consumer interests and intents."

- Leading Streaming Service

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