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We match keywords to suitable content and the page's theme, connecting users with the subject matter they're already interested in, along with entertainment from their favorite sources: Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, and more

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The advantage provides a high yield, space-saving tool that won't disrupt your website or blog. Our exclusive targeting technology matches contextually appropriate keywords to relevant advertisements for seamless marketing. All pages are scanned in real-time, so the ads keep pace with site modifications. Other companies use static systems; we prefer to adapt to our surroundings. Bonuses

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Popular plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, and Drupal

Why publish with the network? for Publishers

Step 1

Complete the Publisher approval form.

Step 2

Locate your site's ID code number in the Publisher section of the database.

Step 3

Cut/paste the JavaScript code onto your website or download the corresponding plug in tool for Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

Step 4 ads become visible in your site's content.

Step 5

Consumers engage the ads by hovering over the text or clicking on it. Publishers may select either option in the backend.

Step 6

Landing pages appears interstitially or in another window on the user's screen.

Step 7

Collect your ad revenue!

Advertiser Resource Guide ensures advertisers find the right combination to develop a lucrative campaign. The following products are available in plain text or with display images.

Working with alongside AdSense doesn't violate Google's terms of service. Expand your reach to an additional network via an inexpensive cost per click (CPC) solution.

Text Ad

This no-frills format is the industry standard unit. Ads feature text-only---no images, no distractions. Ideal for straight-forward product promotion or generalized branding.

Text With Image

Combines engaging text with vivid graphics to create an eye-catching call to action that's impossible to ignore.

Why advertise with the network? for Advertisers

Step 1

Complete the Advertiser approval form, and then follow the simple instructions to create your first ad.

Step 2

Your ad will be approved by an AdMedia customer service representative momentarily.

Step 3

Fully activate your campaign by funding the account.

Step 4

Your ad goes live on the network!

Step 5

Prospective customers view your ad and click through to your landing page.

Step 6

Collect revenue from your ad’s lead generation!

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