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  • Start Experimenting.

    Leading fashion brands like Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry are already experimenting in the Metaverse and creating virtual products, custom experiences, and mixed reality events to connect with digital and Web3 audiences in a new way.

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  • Be Clear About Your Objectives.

    Know what you want to achieve by moving into VR/AR technologies. This helps to focus your resources and measure results. Take one step at a time as the Metaverse is still in an experimental phase.

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  • Be Humble About Your Expectations.

    The Metaverse is still 5-10 years away. What you build now is a stepping stone to the future, so get ahead of the curve and learn.

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  • Make It Part of Your Innovation Efforts.

    Web3 is the next iteration of the internet. Start investing in it now, and start investing where consumers will soon be.

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  • Find The Right Partners.

    Partner with AdMedia and TrooVRS to start crafting your metaverse strategy and activation to reach diverse male audiences in exclusive virtual environments and with relevant content.

Activate Your Brand In TrooVRS

  • Custom Branded Experiences.

    Turn a TrooVRS environment into a branded experience. Customize a TrooVRS environment to introduce your brand or generate awareness about a specific product where users can interact and learn more about your brand.

  • Contextual Editorial Alignment.

    Align and weave your brand message with contextually relevant content across editorial content in written and video formats in TrooVRS virtual environments. Include links in articles and to e-Commerce for a full shopping experience.

  • Product Discovery.

    Users can discover products organically (through in-environment product placement) as they stroll in the TrooVRS immersive environments leading users to purchase the product on the brand’s website.

  • Video Offerings.

    Brands can feature product and brand-focused video content/storytelling to amplify their presence within sponsored environments. Currently, TrooVRS offers two in-environment video screens for brands to showcase their video content.


Transform The World Of Men’s Editorial Publishing By Reimagining How They Engage With Content, Shared Interests, Like-Minded Communities And Life Experiences In Virtual Worlds And Beyond.


To Elevate Men's Quality Of Life Through High-Quality, Self-Care Focused Immersive Editorial Experiences Worldwide.

Men’s Editorial Virtually Reimagined.

Vortal Metaverse Experiences are powered by TrooVRS, an immersive media platform for men to engage with practical knowledge of self-care-focused content across virtual editorial environments, experiences, worlds, and eCommerce.


TrooVRS Is Accessed Via A Virtual Website And Mobile App Allowing Users To Access Content, Experiences, In-App Shopping, And Virtual Worlds Across 10 Verticals, And 30 Sub Content Categories. TrooVRS's Low Barrier Entry Point Is Available On Browser And Mobile Devices. TrooSLF Is TrooVRS’s Avatar Builder Product.

Immersive Branded Solutions

Spans Across Custom Branded Experiences/Worlds, Video Advertising, Annual Membership, Virtual + Real Goods And Services, And NFTs

Sponsored Events & Experience

Custom Branded Worlds

VR/360 Transmedia Storytelling

TrooSLF Avatar Builder

In-TrooVRS Advertising

Virtual/Real Goods And Services

NFTs (Art, Collectibles, Fashion, Watches, Cars, Etc.)


You can have unlimited number of packages of different sizes linked to your account.


2(x) branded environment (existing) 1(x) branded environment (existing) 2(x) branded environment (existing)
1(x) product placement with link to ecommerce site 1(x) product placement with link to ecommerce site 1(x) product placement with link to ecommerce site
1(x) thematic article 1(x) thematic article 1(x) thematic article
1X custom branded environment - -

Market Opportunity

  • The Metaverse Market May Reach $783.3 Billion In 2024 Vs. $478.7 Billion In 2020 Representing A Compound Annual Growth Rate Of 13.1%, Based On Analysis By Newzoo, Idc, Pwc, Statista And Two Circles Data.
  • Revenue From Live Entertainment Businesses That Can Become Part Of The Metaverse Concept – Films, Live Music
  • And Sports – May Exceed $200 Billion In 2024
  • 60.8 MillionVR Users In 2022 (US)
  • 90 Million AR Users In 2022 (US)
  • NFT Trading In 2021 Surpassed $21 Billion

Driving Platform Adoption

To drive platform adoption, TrooVRS will deploy its immersive experiences and content via browser and mobile, built in high-quality photorealistic pixel streaming technology.

Social Media User-Acquistion Campaigns

Beta Environments In Unreal Engine Via Browser

Immersive Transmedia Portal Powered By Pixel Streaming Environments (Desktop + Mobile Web Browser)

TrooVRS (Virtual Worlds) ViaVR Device

TransmediaVR Storytelling Available InVR Devices,VR-Optimized Websites, Apps

In-Vortal + TrooVRS + Nft Marketplace

Unlock A New World Of Opportunities For Your Brand In The Metaverse

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