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One of the biggest problems for publishers is a high bounce rate where users visit their site, don't complete a call to action and hit the back button. They navigate away and nothing happens for the publisher in the end. It could be very frustrating for the site owner because that means they can't monetize the user or convert them.

With ExitMonetization, however, every time a visitor clicks the back button to navigate away from the site, they are directed to a page with ads that gives them sites they might want to visit based on relevance. So while you don't get them to convert on your own page, the chance to still monetize them is there for you to earn more revenue.

It's a simple process that is non-obtrusive to users because there are no pop-ups and everything flows without a hitch. The ads and sites displayed on the ExitMonetization page are relevant to their search keywords and the users' location. This assures that interested parties are there to increase your profit.

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