Video Slider

Video Slider

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Revenue is right around the corner for all publishers and you won't have to use a random, dull ad ever again.

With Video Slider, you have publisher-friendly ads that are formatted to fit perfectly at the bottom right corner of your page to keep from being obtrusive, but relevant enough to grab the users' attention. Every time the video is played, you earn money so there is no need for users to click on the video to make the money. No need to go through hassle and trouble to monetize your site, this will do it for you and we offer the highest payouts in the industry.

If you can copy and paste, getting Video Slider set up is no problem. All you have to do is paste a bit of code onto your site and you are set to go. The best part is, you don't need to have any videos already on your site because it doesn't go over pre-existing videos and can play no matter the capabilities your website has.

Call today to talk to our publisher reps so they can get you set up and you can start making money.

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