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Free Ways To Promote Charity Events

When promoting a charity event, the goal is to minimize or even eliminate spending to ensure that the majority of funds raised go directly to the charity. Advertising can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to promote a charity event for free. Many media outlets and local businesses are happy to assist in charity functions by supplying free advertisement, supplies, and venue space. Event planners can also get the word out about a charity event through the Internet and social networking. Learn about all the ways to promote charity events that take only time, not money.

1. Newspapers

The art of receiving free advertisement for your charity event is to convert your advertising copy into 'news'. Check with your local newspapers, as well as major newspapers, and pitch your story. Write out your story and be sure that it's concise, newsworthy, an interest to the public, and informational without being overtly promotional. Add photographs of previous events held by the charity for a visual effect and try to send the newspaper the story as early as possible.

2. Social Networking Sites

Charities can greatly benefit from staying active on social media channels. Blogging is one of the easiest ways that you can promote a charity that you are passionate about and spread awareness among your social circle. Share blog posts, links, and news articles via sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and through e-mail. Follow charities on social networking sites and help by retweeting any posts tweeted by the charity. Finally, organize an online event using free online tools as a means of free fund raising drives, such as a Twitter and blog powered campaigns or "tweet-a-thons."

3. Press Releases

Send press releases to local radio and television stations several weeks before the charity event. Be sure to include all the right information, including the basic who, what, why, where, when, and how. Look in the phone book to ensure that you have reached out to all the newspapers that serve your local area. It's ideal to send a reminder call or e-mail several days before the event.

4. Sponsors

Businesses are an effective way to promote a charity. Not only can major corporate businesses make a major difference in your promoting strategies, but local individuals and small businesses can also help spread the word. Network and find sponsors who would like to help you promote the desired charity. Get the press involved as much as possible and keep detailed records of your sponsors.

5. Fliers

Producing fliers is another creative way to spread information on the charity event. Fliers can be designed and printed from your home computer and disbursed to the local people through bulk mail or by hand. Ensure that the flyers contain important information about the charity event and make people want to attend. Have fliers available in grocery stores, community spaces, and other locations where people gather.

6. Contests

Using raffles and other types of contents are a great way to raise funds and promote a charity event. Everyone loves a chance to win a prize, big or small, and contests are ideal to draw a crowd to your charity event. Visit local businesses and find one willing to provide the prizes for your charity event content. Gift baskets, restaurant gift cards, and cash prizes are sure to bring more people to your charity event.

7. Tickets

Sell tickets to the charity event to help raise money. Have the people involved in helping with the charity carry books of tickets and sell them in public areas. Be sure to keep track of all the money that comes in and make regular checks to see who has sold how many tickets. Keep the ticket price at an affordable price to sell more tickets on behalf of the charity.

8. TV Announcements

Many television networks provide free airtime that show community service announcements. It can be difficult to secure a spot so be sure to call ahead of time. Your charity event announcement may be simple messages read out by a television presenter or may involve a brief video. Check with the television network to find out to whom you should send your charity event announcement and in what format.

9. Mail

Reach more people by advertising your event in their own mail. Approach local businesses that perform regular mail-outs and ask them if they wouldn't mind you dropping in an additional sheet of advertising. This is ideal for businesses that are not able to financially support the charity to help in another way. Be sure to let the company know that this is a great way for them to help promote the charity event.

10. Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to promote a charity event is with the help of your friends, family, members, and supporters. Use regular communications, meetings, and newsletters to let people know about the event and encourage everyone you know to attend. Have those people tell their friends, family, and colleagues for a bigger outcome. Word of mouth continues to be one of the most powerful selling tools as it comes in the form of credible, reliable endorsement.

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