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Overlay Ads

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Images possess a powerful emotional quality that words simply cannot reproduce. Tap into this curious aspect of the human psyche through an innovative promotional platform! People tend to focus on pictures intently; why not use this time to send them a message about your brand?

What are In-Image Ads?

In-images ads give you a chance to reach out to people when you have their undivided attention. OverlayAd, powered by AdMedia, places your ads within appropriate images for the ultimate seamless marketing experience.

When users see your ads inside of eye-catching images, you'll establish an instant connection that they won't forget. They'll remember pictures a lot longer than random banners, especially when the images relate to the things they love.

The OverlayAd Process

OverlayAd crawls Publisher pages to find content that coincides with your products and/or services. This precision placement model acts as a filter so that you receive premium quality traffic. There's no need to worry about fitting in. The AdMedia network contains thousands of potential Publishers; rest assured that we'll be able to seamlessly fit you in on numerous sites.

OverlayAd widgets support lots of different creative formats, from plain text to rich media. You're free to manage your campaign(s) at your convenience with our comprehensive database. If you need any assistance with your account, just give us a call. Our dedicated customer care representatives will be happy to help you during regular business hours.

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