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The Ultimate Library Media Specialist Resource Guide

As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power." Obtaining knowledge not only allows us to be successful in our current environments, but also to thrive in the future. While there are a number of ways in which individuals who wish to become more knowledgeable can do so, reading books, magazines, and studying online resources may be most effective. Traditionally, large supplies of books, magazines, and online resources are housed in facilities known as libraries. In order to ensure that a library is run in an appropriate and successful manner, library media specialists-or the individuals who organize and manage the facility-must stay on top of current trends in the field. Similarly, understanding the ways in which individuals of all ages learn is essential to promote enhanced knowledge and growth. Similarly, providing visitors with the appropriate document access is important for library media specialists who tout their facilities as being "top-notch." Finally, staying on top of technological trends, such as the use of social media websites, blogs, and other similar features, is essential for all library media specialists.

Becoming a library media specialist is not easy. In fact, in most cases, individuals who wish to obtain employment as a library media specialist must possess at least a four-year degree in the field of library science or information management. Once a degree has been obtained, participation in yearly continuing education classes that provide information about emerging issues is essential for individuals who hope to work in this fascinating field. Library media specialists who are not able to attend scheduled continuing education classes may be able to meet certification requirements by reading journals, listening to recorded lectures, or participating in other, similar programs. Individuals who are interested in finding more information about how to ensure success in the field of library science should review the web pages listed below.

Learning and Teaching
Information Access
Program Administration
Education and Employment
Continuing Education

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