Cost Per View (CPV)

Cost Per View (CPV)

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AdMedia CPV ensures that targeted consumers are sent to your website only after showing initial interest in the type of product or service you offer.

How does it work?

With PPC advertising campaigns, you pay every time a consumer clicks on your advertisement, whether or not they actually view your page. With AdMedia CPV, advertisers only pay when a user lands on a page and views the site. With an AdMedia CPV campaign your business benefits from:

  •   Advanced features that target users by category, URL/keyword and geographic location
  •   ROI tracking that keeps you informed
  •   The ability to gauge the success of your campaign
  •   The capability to reach international audiences while maintaining local traffic
  •   Access to the AdMedia network of over 15 million unique visitors
  •   Personal Account Managers who will work with you to optimize your campaign
  •   A tailored CPV bidding system
  •   A guaranteed higher conversion rate and ROI
  •   Decrease advertiser spending by paying for actual visitors instead of impressions

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