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Wide SDK Support For Ad Formats

The SDK supports all major ad formats and is updated regularly to curate an exhaustive collection of formats. Along with several SDK features, our curation of ad formats guarantees flexibility for our customers and depicts our commitment to staying ahead of the curve.


Sponsored articles and videos on a news site are examples of this engaging ad format continually generating revenue. With a similar look and feel as other featured content on the site or app, native ads fit in seamlessly to become a part of the medium they appear in.

Interstitial & Banner Ads

Interstitial ads have a full-screen format and appear before the intended web page. The ad can shown before the homepage appears or between two content pages. In comparison, a banner ad appears on the web page only and contains a link to the advertiser’s site. supports both IAB and MMA standards for banner ads.

Rich Media

Using advanced features such as videos, gifs, and audio, rich media encourages interactions from users. Text articles with an embedded video and call-to-action usually appear automatically whenever the mouse hovers over the page margin when rich media format is applied. Therefore, with rich media, users can discover more about a brand without ever leaving the page, leading to better conversion rates for you.


The next definitive step in optimizing the most effective mobile advertising medium, the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) from IAB, helps us add many additional functions and subsequently boost the in-stream digital video advertising usage and reduce expenses and promote spending on video ads. Not only is it easily shareable, but it is also preferred by search engines and offers maximized eCPM. Therefore, both advertisers and developers can enjoy the benefits of VAST-enabled advertising, as it fits seamlessly with users’ viewing habits.

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