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Automatic Optimization

It's all yours, and it's free – a built-in algorithm that tracks all your traffic, analyzes performance, optimizes activity, and finds the best demand for your ad placements, all in real-time. It helps streamline mediation so that you can automatically obtain the maximum revenue possible.

Mobile Ad Server

Prioritize, manage, and directly optimize each of your sold and cross-promotional campaigns with the Mobile Ad Server. You can integrate your preferred networks hassle-free through JS Tag or API. We support all vital campaign management, budgeting, formats, and targeting features while enabling functionalities such as real-time reporting, automated functions, and flexibility.

Video Mediation

More than simple video integration, our comprehensive mediation enables you to connect your video exchanges easily and allocate your traffic better.

How Small Is Our SDK?

At only 200K, the SDK is a tiny addition to your app but will make a huge difference to your business. If you need an even-smaller SDK, you can ask for our banner-only 90K SDK.

Alright, But Is It Easy To Install?

It takes only five minutes to integrate the SDK, and while it finishes up the integration, you can choose from the available ad format choices as per your needs. Take your pick to connect seamlessly to any iOS or Android app and get complete support of VAST and VPAID video, rich media, native, interstitial (full screen), and all IAB and MMA-standard banner ads. To top it all off, it takes only a few lines of code to integrate.

What Else Do You Get?

Flexibility is integral to the approach. Our SDKs are supported by the latest technology and supply adapters for major SDK-enabled networks and plugins, including Unity, Cordova, GameMaker, AdobeAir, and more. Managed Deals’s team of experts create and manage deals by packaging apps and help to create better audience segmentation and more value to advertisers. We can connect with top demand partners and provide complete transparency.

Using Audience Data For Better Results

Leveraging first and third-party data, we gain in-depth user segmentation and generate better results from every ad impression. You get to choose your target audience as per user data (age, gender, etc.), device language, impressions (first look and exit page), and page/app-specific sections (e.g., the sports page).

Buy Premium Segmented Traffic

For demand partners, the Private Marketplace offers access to premium traffic through direct programmatic deals. All traffic is segmented by’s data management platform and can be leveraged to target different audience groups and achieve many marketing goals.

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