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Dynamic Email Remarketing, Strategic Deployment, & Stringent Compliance Without Sacrificing Deliverability & Integration.


Expect stronger email engagement with our dynamic remarketing, strategic deployment, and strict compliance. We cover everything from testing to cross-sell emails, specialize in full-page deployments with detailed reporting, and prioritize email integrity with robust measures for sender trust.


Our remarketing email service includes dynamic testing, site abandonment emails for users, and cross-sell thank you emails. We deploy unique email creatives dynamically throughout the end user's site journey.

Acquire New Customers

Utilizing a network of vetted publishers complete with subscriber opt-in information, your brand can be seen by not just customers who have already engaged but also new customers whose interests & online behaviors align with those of your current users.

First-Party Data Option

We host your ad on one of our trusted, owned-and-operated recommendation sites to send emails on your brand's behalf. The content we create thoughtfully uses engaging, approved copy and graphics to showcase your offerings.

Third-Party Data Option

Advertisers can opt to also send directly from a branded email, From Line, and profile photo. With this branding and 100% share of voice, email recipients have a greater ability to recognize the sender, open & eventually convert.


We specialize in email deployment, providing full-page dedicated emails with hash file exclusion. Using our own or client-owned lists, we ensure transparent campaign management, detailed reporting, and growth of first-party data segments. Plus, we enable voice call connections for heightened engagement in email campaigns.


Prioritizing email integrity by implementing measures such as email suppression lists, strict adherence to opt-in protocols, anti-spam regulations, and comprehensive data protection and privacy standards. Suppression files are updated daily and required to be downloaded every 7 days to adhere to CAN-SPAM laws. Visibility is key as we are dedicated to safeguarding both the sender's reputation and the recipient's trust.


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