Orbitz Worldwide Inc

Orbitz Worldwide Inc


Orbitz wanted to reel in lost visitors and convert users who visited the site without completing the booking process. In order to do this, the brand ran a big remarketing campaign using AdMedia's technology.

Campaign Objectives

  • To bring back lost visitors
  • To convert more travelers
  • To send traffic back to the Orbitz website

Key Highlights

  • Ads were remarketed across 98% of the web
  • Orbitz ads ran on multiple websites, including blogs, email service providers, news sites, and more
  • Orbitz also saw a lift in brand awareness


Cost-per-click: $2.75
Impressions: 5,000,000
Clicks: 39,000
Lift in awareness: 50%
Conversion rate: 0.91%
Savings from other ad networks: 45%

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