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About Web Retargeting

Bring Back Lost Customers

Design campaigns much faster. Our convenient to use platform aids you in setting up retargeting campaigns effectively.

Earn more sales

Manage your sales and conversions on autopilot. With us, you get to capture all of the low-hanging fruit and regain previously lost customers.

Discover the Latest Marketing Channels

Analyze the performance of your ads and examine the activity of your visitors online. We provide you absolute transparency.

Reach Beyond Google

Remarketing is a globally-renowned real-time bidding platform that serves your ads across Google, Rubicon, OpenX, and every other prime network.

About Facebook Retargeting

Regain Facebook Customers

About 40% of ad impressions in the US take place over Facebook. By using your first-party audience data.

Complete Transparency & Control

Track campaigns with our easy-to-use self-service dashboards from cookie to conversion. Analyze click-through rates, conversions, spend and more.

Facebook Placements

Our platform works in combination with Facebook serving ads on the best performing placements such as Instagram, Newsfeed.

User Data Firewall

Both Remarketing.com and Facebook utilize anonymous cookies. Users can feel entirely safe about their data being secure

Intensify the Value of Your Shopify Store

Fast & Easy Setup

Manage your Shopify store effectively with Remarketing.com. Integrate your Shopify store in a short interval of time, then regain previously lost customers.

Hassle-Free Dynamic Remarketing

Automatically design relevant ads from your products using our powerful self-service Dynamic Ad Builder. No store size is too big or small.

Auto-Optimized Campaigns

Remarketing.com possesses years of experience in setting up numerous ROI-positive campaigns for advertisers.

Trace Conversions & Revenue

Make your conversion tracking fully transparent. Know the exact ROI of your Remarketing.com campaign and credit.

About Dynamic Retargeting

Heightened Revenue

On the initial customer visit, you may only close at 8-10%. Turn up extra revenue by targeting those customers who left your site.

Re-Engage Customers Online

Re-engage customers affordably on targeted publishers to find the perfect blend to expand revenue.

Effective Ad Placements

Customers might lose interest in your site and shop competitors. Dynamic Retargeting helps lost customers revisit the viewed product or similar products.

Conversion Tracking

Make your conversion tracking fully transparent. Know the exact ROI of your Remarketing.com campaign and credit it back to your sales in Shopify.

About Mobile Retargeting

Regain Activity

The average app loses 80% of its users. Mobile marketing helps bring back those lost customers & app users by wooing them with relevant ads on other apps.

Re-Engage DAUs

Mobile marketing is an effective tool for keeping the DAU high. This it does by creating and targeting audiences explicitly at any time of installation.

Maintain Relevancy

Stay front-of-mind with your high-value users. Set reminders to your fans & followers to come back by advertising across top publishers and mobile. In this endeavor.

Insightful Data

The hassle-free dashboard at Remarketing.com will help you with all the necessary data related to decision-making that is needed for optimizing.

Cross-Device Retargeting

With Cross-Device User Mapping Reach out

Since most customers keep switching between their different devices, and so it’s hard to find them.

Retarget your prospects on the top mobile apps

We at Remarketing.com has collaborated with a number of mobile ad exchanges that will help you reach out to your customers.

With cross-device conversion tracking

It’s not going to be difficult to track the interaction between desktop and mobile campaigns. With Unified conversion tracking.

Track revenue and conversions

The hassle-free dashboard at Remarketing.com will help you with all the necessary data related to decision-making that is needed for optimizing.

About Twitter Remarketing

Caption Potential

Remarketing.com will help you harness the potential of just 280 characters retargeting campaign on Twitter with the existing audience.

Powerful Platform

Reach potentially higher conversions with Twitter ads relevant to your website's context.

Desktop & Mobile

Twitter Ads are a great way of extending your reach beyond Facebook and the web. You can reach your target audience on any device.

Twitter Ads

Remarketing.com helps users utilize Twitter's available ad formats from their ad platform to retarget visitors.

About HubSpot Retargeting

Quickly Link Your Accounts

Link your HubSpot account to Remarketing.com in just a short interval of time. No technical knowledge is required.

Automatically Sync Pages & Lists

Once you link your HubSpot account, we automatically scan your landing pages and smart lists to form retargeting audiences.

Effortlessly Create Campaigns

With audiences built from your HubSpot data, you can design Remarketing campaigns that align closely with the email messaging that you send via HubSpot.

Detailed Analytics

Key stats such as clicks, conversions, and revenue are updated
every 2 hours.

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