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Site ReTargeting

Data show that the conversion rate for first-time visitors is just 2%. Site Remarketing helps you target those lost customers who have visited your website but did not buy it. These specific groups of customers can be targeted using the advertisement. Site Remarketing works by showing ads to the visitors of your website as they browse through it. It’s a channel to convert 98% of those first-time visitors who have left your website without finally converting.

How It Works

  • When a customer visits, a tracking code is downloaded on their browser.
  • They leave without ordering the product.
  • The customer’s tracking cookie is recognized & ads are displayed.
  • The customer is brought back to your website and is encouraged to complete the transaction.

Return on Marketing Investment

Remarketing.com is the most budget-friendly tool for working on a considerable number of first-time visitors leaving without conversion. Remarketing is one of the most effective strategies which provide a helping hand to the advertisers in getting the maximum return on marketing investments across different channels.

CRM ReTargeting

CRM can efficiently provide some of the crucial data that you miss with Site Remarketing. This data can be used to bring your advertisements and business to the next level. CRM Remarketing helps achieve a considerable part of their company’s sales.

How It Works

Remarketing's identity graphing technology helps map the anonymized user IDs to your personally identifiable customer data. The secure portal handles the customer’s data for remarketing to the audiences.

Re-engage your customers

With CRM Remarketing, you can reach out to prospects and other customers with the help of display ads. You can reach even those customers who are not currently responding to any of your marketing channels. Through awareness and education, you can re-engage and drive the target audience.

Search ReTargeting

Advertisers use the search history of the visitors to predict behaviors and interests. Doing so helps reach untapped markets with Search Remarketing. The strategy can reach customers who have searched and exist in the market looking for your product.

How It Works

Our tool generates a list of customized audiences with new prospects as matches are entered in the site search widgets. By uploading the search terms and keywords list, the audiences interested in your offerings are more easily accessible.

Driving Interested Audiences

It’s always a great idea to target prospective customers by educating them even before visiting the website. Search Remarketing allows you to capture the interest of the audiences through the shopping and comparison phase.

Contextual Remarketing

Marketers are aware of the types of websites and content that the audience visit. With Contextual Remarketing, you can reach your audience in real-time with relevant messages about the websites they visit.

How It Works

While writing, an expression or a single term can relate to very different concepts. Remarketing can connect keywords and phrases with the broader intent or topic of the page using natural language processing and machine learning. With the help of pre-constructed categories, keyword contents, or combinations of the two, advertisers can target their audience. Moreover, our access to private marketplaces allows us to work directly with premium sellers and publishers. We carve out distinctive and relevant subsets of inventory that your target audience visits frequently.

Engagement Enhancer

While your audience is engaged with content relevant to your advertising messaging, you can reach up to them. It has been proven by A/B testing that contextual relevance leads to higher CTRs.

Audience Targeting

Remarketing.com provides access to numerous data provider partnerships and audience profiling expertise to help advertisers execute precision targeting. Analyze the characteristics and traits of your target audience combined with several concrete audience segments and thus translate into a custom targeting profile.

How It Works

A complex ecosystem of companies (i.e. third-party data aggregators) collect, segment, and then resell user data. The process of data collection varies widely between vendors. Hence it is essential to choose the right audience segment and the vendor whose data collection method is best suited for your campaign goals.

Create Your Conversion Funnel

Reach your perfect customer by building audiences that combine many characteristics through custom logic and reflective third-party data segment selections.

Look-Alike Modeling

Reach out to the ones in the market who appear most like your best performing remarketing audiences. Machine learning analyzes the users executing a particular conversion event online and uses the data to build a custom people-based audience with the same attributes.

How It Works

We combine and anonymize proprietary real-time interest data. We analyze the prospects that your audience search and engage.

Enhance Market Share & Scale

With the help of our people-based solutions, you can target the same people across every digital channel and device. Based on budget or scale, analyze your audience size to target those who are most likely to convert.

How It Works

retargeting image

Someone visits your site.

retargeting image

Visitor leaves your site without accomplishing your desired action.

retargeting image

Visitor gets targeted with your ad later, while on any device.

retargeting image

Visitor returns back to your site and completes the action.

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