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Acquisition & Engagement

Your Competitors are Winning the Inbox. Are You?.

Custom Email prospecting & acquisition campaigns built to win.

Launch dedicated email acquisition campaigns designed to accelerate and sustain brand growth at an incredible scale. Turnkey campaign management includes data sourcing, segmentation, attribution modeling & integration, encrypted ‘match & deploy’, creative and content development, message delivery, real-time tracking, compliance & regulatory oversight, and ongoing optimization.

Massive is a leading email agency that works with Fortune 500 brands who are looking to leverage our ability to reach US consumers with incredible scale. Our clients often employ Social, PPC, Programmatic, Connected TV, and Native strategies but are experiencing a growth plateau or waning engagement from existing customers.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 66 percent of consumers have made a purchase as a result of a marketing message received via email. Email marketing also provides some of the best return on investment (ROI) rates available. The Direct Mail Association found that returns generated from email marketing were nearly 29:1—beating out ROIs for direct mail and telemarketing.

Our effective reach via email in the US is 200M+ permission-based consumers with robust targeting across many audiences.

Data Management & Monetization

Data monetization strategies that produce bottom-line dollars.

We'll create a long-term plan to extract the most value from your on and offline email data.

An email database is a highly valuable asset for any digital forward company. We help clients extract significantly more value from there on and offline email data with the consumer journey and compliance paramount. Our operational and deliverability experts manage the entire process: data hygiene, encrypted & secure data transfer, ESP/MTA management, IP warming, domain reputation, promotional/ad content, and reporting with complete transparency.

Email data is one of the most valuable assets an organization has, however, many companies struggle to effectively leverage it. When faced with the high costs, complex compliance requirements, and a lack of sending expertise, companies often turn to agency email specialists to manage the entire process.

We uphold the highest standards of data privacy and email compliance practices. Our team has over 15 years experience within Can-Spam, GDPR and CCPA email compliance regulations. We meticulously review all permissions stated in a data/list owners privacy policy at lead capture. Additionally, all data is validated and cleaned before all deployments – flagging for spam traps, honey-pots, and blacklists to reduce overall bounce, compliant and unsubscribe rates.

Our process delivers the right advertisement, at the right time, to the right consumer. We pinpoint historic consumer activity and capitalize on profitable cross-sell opportunities producing incremental value to your data asset.

Deliverability Consulting

Ensure every email lands where it's supposed to.

We help implement the right foundation and architectural setup for your email program.

Massive’s seasoned deliverability team will review and analyze your business’s email infrastructure, strategy, current performance, and potential. Services include vesting current list quality & data collection, email authentication best practices, legal compliance, setting up FBLs, bounce handling and infrastructure, sourcing, installing, and configuring optimal specs for both commercial and open-source MTAs. Our team of experts will create a roadmap to improve delivery and engagement rates to get your messages in the inbox.

Landing messages the inbox is harder than ever. Across all ISPs Over 20% of permission-based email marketing content is sent directly to the SPAM folders. Maintaining optimal email deliverability is a very detailed and exhaustive process which requires a comprehensive plan and knowledgeable expertise for sustainable success.

Our deliverability services include a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities in your existing email infrastructure. Based on the audit’s results, desired outcomes and required budget, we’ll craft a customized action plan and timeline.

Basic Packages start at $250 Per IP/Domain, Monthly. We offer turnkey Premier Packages which include a Dedicated Deliverability Expert, 50 Consulting Hours Per Month, Domain & IP Monitoring, Inbox Placement Tests, Blacklist Resolution and Guided IP Warming at $10,000 per month.

Retargeting and Retention

Clicks are good, new customers are great.

Engage, convert & monetize dormant consumers and abandoned carts into repeat customers with ease.

Launch dedicated email acquisition campaigns designed to accelerate and sustain brand growth at an incredible scale. Turnkey campaign management includes data sourcing, segmentation, attribution modeling & integration, encrypted ‘match & deploy’, creative and content development, message delivery, real-time tracking, compliance & regulatory oversight, and ongoing optimization.

Email Retargeting is a method utilized by email marketers in which a specific product is reintroduced to a consumer who showed interest in the product/service, but didn’t complete a purchase or submit a lead form.

A successful re-marketing email campaign are proven to have a very positive effect on ROI for clients. Businesses who have an AOV of $100 to $500 can recover between 4% to 5% off their abandoned carts on average. Additionally, the average e-commerce abandoned cart email earns $5.81 in revenue per recipient.*


We’ll guide and manage the entire process including best practices, creating targeted and relevant content, precision drip & trigger campaigns, list segmentation and complete email retargeting strategy for cart abandonment, cross-sells/up-sells, customer support and inventory updates.

Creative Services

World-class email creatives that drive conversions.

Our in-house creative team ensures your emails represent your brand, engage your audience and deliver a consistent experience across all platforms.

Crafting tailored email campaigns is essential for long-term customer loyalty and consistent growth. Our in-house email creative & content team collaborates with all clients to identify key value propositions and messaging. The result? Highly-engaging designs and content drive profitable connections with your customers.

Email messages with broken links, images, mismatched fonts, compatibility issues, and slow loading times will destroy any email campaign, and customer trust quickly. Aesthetically pleasing, mobile-ready email designs that provide a consistent experience for all viewers is essential for any brand conscious company and marketer.

Our email design work is complimentary for all email acquisition, prospecting and retargeting email clients, for the life-time of our partnership. Don’t have in-house resources or skills to develop email creatives? No problem. Our creative team will design and execute a complete email creative strategy on a per project basis.

Based on your content specifications, brand guidelines, campaign goals and driven by quality assurance, rigorous testing and industry best practices, Massive’s in-house creative team specializes in precise, relevant, attention-grabbing email creatives that drive engagement, trust and ultimately, growth.

Health Insurance Marketplace

Proprietary Customer Acquisition Solutions for the Health Insurance Industry

Health Insurance & Medicare campaigns that drive policies and long-term customers.

Our health insurance marketplace drives efficient, scalable customer acquisition solutions for health and Medicare insurance providers powered by data, technology, and a team of industry veterans.

Massive drives efficient, scalable customer acquisition solutions for the health insurance and medicare industries. We produce consumer-initiated inbound calls to your call center and premium quality data leads from our real-time auction marketplace through internally built, proprietary lead funnels.

Massive’s access to premium and hyper-targeted email, search, native, and social media inventory gives our health clients a distinct advantage. We never “rebroker” leads calls or work with affiliate networks. Compliance is paramount; every consumer action is complete with Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian™ Solution and ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm™ tokens.

Powered by data, technology and a team of industry veterans the world’s largest insurance brands trust Massive to produce health insurance and medicare customers that exceed CPA targets compliantly, predictably and with scale.

Make Email Acquisition Your Secret Weapon

It’s time to make all of your customer acquisition channels work together to generate massive results for your brand. Speak with an email marketing expert today to learn how Massive can turn email into your company’s new secret weapon.

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Creating More Customers One Email at a Time

Email Marketing, Driven by Data Intelligence.

Email marketing is powerful. Many of the largest digital ad spenders in the world consider it an essential channel. Others miss out on email’s potential by disregarding its effectiveness, employ outdated and underperforming strategy or worse, have worked with an inexperienced email agency which hurt their brand’s customers loyalty and trust. At Massive, we onboard each new client with a detailed, transparent, and strategic roadmap based on their familiarity with email and short/medium/long term acquisition goals. Our client-centric approach gives way to long-term, universal success in the channel.

The Power of Email Marketing

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