eCommerce Artificial Intelligence’s Artificial Intelligence offers extraordinary accuracy and improved product performance.

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Features Of’s AI

Product categorization is a complex task. In eCommerce, there can be tens of thousands of distinct categories. Fortunately,’s artificial intelligence capabilities make categorization a breeze.

AI Accuracy

For the most common categories, 99% accuracy is more likely.

*Margin of Error = 1% (Confidence Interval of 99%)


Categorize products across numerous channels.


Instantly categorize products and save 20+ hours each month.


Expect better performance as product feeds are automatically updated.

Accurate’s AI provides better accuracy over manually categorizing one by one or with rules.

Flexible’s AI works for numerous channels that accept a Google Product Category.

Problem Solving

Combat the real-world challenges of using rule-based categorization with’s AI. Experiences

It is implemented for a client that sells over 80 unique categories. has proved to be 16x faster than manual categorization.

FeedManage accuracy was 98.4%.

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