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FeedManage.com is a full-service data feed solution with 24/7 support enabling users to expand their eCommerce business.

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eCommerce Feed Audits

FeedManage.com typically detects many problems in feeds managed by other systems, including:

  • Titles containing branding, colors, or sizes
  • Titles and descriptions containing whitespace
  • Titles not containing HTML

Taking corrective actions helps users avoid policy violations and even suspensions.

Hands-On Training

FeedManage.com implements a hands-on approach to training to ensure clients are set for success. In addition to accessing extensive documentation and videos detailing platform usage, FeedManage.com provides free, interactive training courses, complete with quizzes and sample feeds as reference. These walkthroughs take users through the feed-building process, step by step.

With an average response time being within an hour, FeedManage.com’s 24/7 support is dedicated to clarifying feed or shopping-related questions.

Custom Product Feed Crawling

Users often face the issue of shopping engines disallowing product exports. Many shopping backends simply don’t support APIs or plugins, so crawling is often the only choice.

FeedManage.com can create a custom crawler to get all relevant product data regardless of the number of product pages.

Easily Create eCommerce Dynamic Text Ads

FeedManage.com’s solution to dynamic text ads uses Adwords APIs for ad customizers to guarantee users’ text ads are in sync with their product feed. This syncing prevents users from losing revenue on products out of stock.

Benefits Of Inventory-Conscious Ads

Leverage the FeedManage.com feed to create dynamic ad campaigns.

Dynamically insert attributes into ad copies.

Automatically pause out-of-stock product ads.

Alter ad copies without losing performance history.

Supported Shopping Platforms

Exporting CSV or XML product feed files from different shopping platforms can be difficult. Fortunately, FeedManage.com creates product feeds for the shopping engines listed below using APIs, plugins, and web crawlers.

Supported Channels

FeedManage.com connects users to hundreds of advertising and marketplace channels, including price comparison, marketplace, remarketing, programmatic, affiliate channels, search engines, services, and agencies.

AdMedia has integrations with more than 160 online marketplaces, with support for all countries and regions. Below are some examples of the channels we support.

  • Mediamath
  • Yandex

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