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FeedManage.com’s full-featured and intelligent platform helps users organize product data and optimize it for hundreds of different channels.

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Main Features And Benefits


Automatically import products from anywhere and implement them on hundreds of different channels.

Master Feed

Merge multiple data sources to see cost and margin data alongside performance metrics on a per-SKU basis.


FeedManage.com’s dedicated full-service team helps with feed set-up, optimization and provides 24/7 support to maximize performance.


Easily filter out poor-performing products on a per-channel basis to ensure all products remain profitable.


Be notified of any feed errors or Google Shopping warnings or disapprovals as they occur to prevent lost ad spend.


Assign Rules

Assign the transformation rules and data to just a single channel or to all exports.

Flexible Sequencing Rules

FeedManage.com allows you to freely sequence the rules in the preferred order–without creating new rules from scratch.

Parent/Child Variation

Assign designated fields to both a parent and child SKU to make it easy to track and export.

A/B Testing

FeedManage lets you A/B test any attribute you have access to, including titles and images, to see which will perform best.

Brand Mapping

Take multiple brands names (i.e., Nike, Nike LLC, Nike, and Company) and merge them into a single brand (Nike).

Image & Color Mapping

Pulls images into the program to edit the color field so users can show up correctly.

Joining Data

Effortlessly combine multiple fields from different data sources.

Save Time And Effort


FeedManage.com includes all the tools and support needed to quickly and automatically optimize data without learning a programming language.

Search and View Discovery

FeedManage.com allows users to search and view feeds using one or multiple fields at a time to quickly find, view and fix any problems before exporting.

Intuitive Interface

FeedManage.com’s user interface is designed to automate the feed process while providing easy access to the platform’s powerful capabilities. The navigation menu guides you through creating, organizing, and managing a feed.

Query Preview

Users can preview results within the application before exporting to ensure users have the correct data.

Map Fields

Take any field and map it into any other field in seconds, saving hours manually tagging each item.

Broken Link Checks

FeedManage.com checks data for broken destination and image links–ensuring exports contain proper images and descriptions

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