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Quicklaunch provides expert solutions to make content flourish and grow faster and easier.


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Time on Site


Bounce Rate

*results vs without autocomplete, realtime, and optimal results

AI-First Approach

Artificial intelligence uses innovative techniques for detecting user behavior, advanced semantic analysis, error detection, and other innovations to employ the benefits of effective results.

Cross Website Search

Cross Website Search combines the results from various websites, which helps in spreading content over numerous properties. This technique works great for content networks, universities, corporations, and other institutions.

Prior To The Search


We shape the intent, Before They Type

Quicklaunch has advanced technology that will help customers navigate to the trusted brands in just one click. The brand site will become the search engine for a better experience.

During The Search

Quick Search Process

Win the race with media opportunities

The relevant ad will pop up on the top when a customer inputs any relevant term in the search box.

Quicklaunch provides an option to skip the SERP and move directly to the brand site.

Customizable Solutions

Personalized Website & Store

Quicklaunch allows customers to customize and style their store according to the look of their brand.

Continuous Optimization

To ensure that readers get what they love and enjoy a superior journey, we regularly optimize the website in order to increase click-through rates

Powerful tools with visualized search results and snippets make it easy to find the most desirable outcome.

Easy Management & Control

Quicklaunch offers easy management control with advanced options.

A.I. Equipped Search Logic

Advanced A.I. Technology helps to infer the true meaning behind searches, delivering effective direction and better results to the user.

excursion ≈ travel

ipad = iPad

BBQ = barbecue

Hairs = Hair

Tire ≠ tyre

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