A unique search experience for Apps and Browsers across various devices

Quicklaunch helps users get precise details on every search by enabling providers.

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We cater to Web Search, App, Devices, and Sites using a single integration technology.

Rediscovering Search for Every Type of Publisher

We give you the tech and brands that help to provide a perfect privacy-safe journey. It is ideal for content publishers, apps, browser extensions, and browsers. It helps to generate new revenue and also safeguards the brand in the process.

Visualized Search Results and Snippets that let you Choose which Results fit your Needs Most

Legacy and old search engines make users go through many results to get the information they want. That does not excite us. We have a better method. We have made the entire consumer journey easier from start to finish. We measure the intent of the user before and during the searches.

Get more value in your searches

We treat performance media as a service. Quicklaunch combines performance measurement and search technology advancements to synergize between advertisers, publishers, and high-intent users. We do all this while keeping user privacy at the forefront.

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