Best-in-Class Features

Quicklaunch’s SaaS solution seeks to provide a best-in-class, scalable experience.

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Our WordPress plug-in and Javascript code can integrate the solution in less than 10 minutes

Our solution can be easily installed and has simple controls that do not need much training to utilize. Quicklaunch helps to give speedy business and search outcomes.

The Quicklaunch crawler will update the content, and you can bypass the API

Our strong crawling network indexes millions of pages on an hourly basis. So you can be assured the results will always be comprehensive and relevant.

Our solution caters to a wide variety of businesses






Media Discovery



Corporate Portals


Auto Dealerships

Review Sites

Text Autocomplete

This feature searches as you type and gives users what they're looking for.

Block Content

Our result-level filters and crawler limit search results to specific posts, directories, pages, etc.

Supply Thumbnails

Images are provided from a global CDN after resizing them according to your requirements.

Get a Faceted Search

User-controlled filters automatically curate your content and provide you with a better browsing experience.

Responsive Optimization Devices

Quicklaunch can optimize itself automatically to provide a seamless experience across devices to your audience.

Natural Language Processing

You can match inexact keywords with synonym aliasing. E.g., “trips” and “holidays.” The engine leverages natural language content to gain business insights.

Spell Check

Quicklaunch provides inline search suggestions based on similar terms to help users find what they're looking for, even if keywords are misspelled.

True Scalability

Quicklaunch’s technology has been tested on a large scale around the globe. Whether it is one document or a million, our solution remains blazingly fast.

AI-enabled Analytics

Artificial intelligence-assisted analytics enhance the discovery of user insight across huge enterprise content. You can finetune the search results depending on your needs.

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