Instream Video Ad Solutions

Strategically positioned pre, mid, and post-roll formats for high completion rates on contextually relevant long-form videos

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Maximize brand visibility by strategically placing impactful video ads targeted contextually down to the URL level across the open web, ensuring maximum relevance and exposure for your brand.

Precise Targeted Delivery Across the Open Web:

With our proprietary machine learning algorithms, we guarantee reaching prospects engaging with contextually relevant content through keyword, entity, and sentiment analysis.

Powerful Placement for Maximum Impact:

Deliver pre and mid-roll ads in skippable and non-skippable formats, generating remarkable ad recall and purchase intent among captivated audiences.

Unlock Extensive, Verified Inventory Access:

Broaden your reach and scale with strategic ad placements on premium publishers across the open web, even down to specific player size requirements.

Setting Ourselves Apart from Programmatic Solutions:

Our unique approach prioritizes quality, effective control, and added layers of verification, distinguishing us from standard programmatic solutions.

Event Billing at the 30-Second Mark:

Cost-per-View (CPV) is calculated after the 30-second mark for maximum cost efficiency and incremental, value-added exposure opportunities.

Proficiency in Campaign Management:

Our dedicated team of customer success and ad operations specialists provides support and optimization, ensuring meticulous reporting and troubleshooting.

Amplified Return on Advertising Investment:

Emphasizing relevant campaign placement and comprehensive control in media executions mitigates inefficiencies and achieves exceptional outcomes in lower funnel KPIs.

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