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Effortlessly deliver targeted, contextual, and transparent campaigns on YouTube

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Boost ad spend efficiency with our AI-powered, proprietary technology that instantly identifies contextually relevant and brand-suitable YouTube content.

Targeted Relevance & Suitability:

Achieve precise audience reach with search-based intent on YouTube, enhancing your Google buying platform targeting.

Real-Time Transparency:

Experience real-time transparency through curated video collections, providing comprehensive content details.

Quality Scoring for Alignment:

Achieve optimal contextual alignment by evaluating content relevance, engagement, scale, and sentiment.

Scalability with Relevance:

Expand core inventory with relevant views by incorporating channels and tertiary categories into placement-level collections.

Empowering Self-Service:

Access an intuitive dashboard to create content collections, obtain channel-specific insights, and easily access placement-level video data.

Strategic Conquesting:

Strategically position ads in front of relevant competitor content for effective competitor targeting.

Enhanced ROAS & Efficiency:

Optimize campaign placement to deliver lower funnel KPIs better, enhancing ROAS and efficiency.

Expert Campaign Management:

Receive proactive support and optimization from dedicated customer success and ad operations specialists.

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