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Get access to the world’s best video inventory that can be used across all the screens.

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Advanced Video Environment

With, run your video content over the world's best publisher platforms and apps. We offer both outstream and instream service across all the platforms like desktop, mobile, in-app, and CTV.

Unique Video Formats

We are equipped with unique technology that serves exceptional brand experiences even in areas that do not allow video advertising.

High-End Performance

Get the most out of your video campaign, whether it’s VCR or CPCV, by running it through a Contextually Optimized PMP.


Get your hands on a unique inventory that will help you target critical audiences. Our pre-curated inventory is easily measurable and can be tailored as per your campaign requirements.

  • Safe, highly visible, and premium inventory.
  • Wide range of content genres: Music, Movies, News, Sports, Gaming, Documentary, Lifestyle, Crime, Health, Drama, Kids, Sci-Fi, Food
  • Target channel, daypart, ad slots, and ad pods easily.

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