Advertising Formats

Use visually stunning, page-enhancing ad formats
and increase value.

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Effortless Format Execution

We have a bank of attractive ad formats that do not require extra labor or planning.

  • Transactions via Native or Video pipes that are DSP hosted
  • Ad-formats work with standard native or video assets
  • No extra efforts but still can be customized as per the requirements

Premium Video Performance

The next-generation out-stream video formats offer unmatched video environments across all displays.

  • Outstanding Viewability: 70%+
  • High Pay Rate

Superior AI Analytics

Every format we have designed has the power of attention analytics. Besides working harder to discover your target audience, they will help you captivate your audience’s attention in real-time and serve with instant media optimization.

High Impact Ad Experience offers high-impact ad formats with eye-catching image showcasing, immersive shopping facility, animated GIFs, and more to capture your audience. This will help in transporting the viewer to the ultimate store experience.

Ad Experiences

Search Ad

Desktop Ad Search

Eye-catching advertising with multiple features that will lure customers to tap and reveal more.

Search Ad

Mobile/Tablet Ad Search

High quality inventory with a native text+image format to offer an unforgettable ad experience.

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