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Deals for buyers's SSP (Supply Side Platform) SSP (Supply Side Platform) is designed to provide its customers with high-quality impressions across all the screens and formats. Some of the largest advertisers in the world trust us with billions of ad impressions every month.

With the help of Contextual Optimization Engine, the Supply Side Platform service of facilitates buyers and sellers to make the right choice in real-time. The advanced solutions help the brand to drive optimal media performance.

Unmatched Deals

We have curated deals for you that are geared to deliver KPIs and one-of-a-kind inventory performance

  • Performance

  • Ultimate Privacy

  • Content

  • Ad-Formats

  • Publisher

Unique Ad-Formats

Now you can create a memorable brand experience with’s innovative ad formats. We offer high-impact formats that will help you with a two-fold increase in interest than standard formats.

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Highly-Secured Marketplace

With, you can buy non-addressable stuff over the open web without worrying about privacy. Our marketplace is privacy-friendly that will help brands discover the impressions safely.

Non-addressable, privacy-protecting inventory

Use’s Advanced Contextual Signals and improve your campaign’s performance in real-time. We focus on the impression of every campaign you run and help provide the best results without the need for any cookies.

Privacy Protection

As a part of the optimization engine, hundreds of privacy-compliant signals on multiple impressions are collected and examined for quality and outcome.

  • Real-time optimization is done by capturing contextual, situational, environmental, and attention signals.
  • Our data is a privacy complaint; hence, it’s based on ad inventory, not the audience.
  • We assist the audience in finding the valuable impressions that might be missing without relying on cookies to acquire data.

Enhancing Audience Strategies creates special deals for its sellers to help them optimize the campaigns across non-addressable inventory. Unlike traditional user-level targeting, we handpick privacy-first inventory, which results in an enhanced audience experience. Additionally, we boost user experience at a much lower cost than the industry average.

Now, take advantage of non-addressable inventory limitations and turn them into opportunities. Learn more about our cookieless deal and try them out to run your dream campaign.

  • Deals that can be used on a repeated basis for specific goals. Some deals are specially tailored as per the campaigns.
  • Utilizes proprietary optimization technology that serves with high-performance, privacy-first inventory.
  • Services at a much lower cost than addressable inventory without focusing on traditional user-level targeting.
  • Without a separate workflow, standard and DSP-hosted units are available across all pipes and formats.
Deals for buyers

For Buyers

  • We offer high-quality, safe, and fraud-free inventory.
  • We identify the ideal combinations of impression traits that are used to uncover high-performance inventory that might be ignored by standard targeting.
  • We utilize advanced machine learning and apply it to all the attributes and impressions to consistently enhance CTR, VCR, and other KPIs.
  • We constantly develop new, advanced signals that can provide you with better inventory selection.

For Sellers

  • We sell high-impact deals with exclusive formats that competitors would not offer.
  • We help sellers increase their exposure and promote their inventory to buyers directly through our DSP.
  • Our optimization system will help in enhancing buyers’ KPI.
  • We have access to advertiser budgets that are only available in our marketplace.

Video & CTV (Connected TV)

We consider billions of requests every day and offer the publishers high-quality video inventory for all screens.

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