AdMedia in Action

Why Advertise with AdMedia?

Why Advertise with AdMedia?

Optimize your ROI

If you decide to advertise with us your PPC ads will be syndicated using our extensive network of niche search engines, top rated shopping comparison sites, and additional high converting PPC networks. Our cutting edge technology screens for faulty clicks and eliminates them. Each click is priced based on the quality of the source, in real time! You benefit by being able to base your advertising budget on what you wish to pay per conversion.

Easy to Use

We know you manage a lot, so make managing your advertising account easy. Our ad bid engine was designed to save you time. The bulk upload tool allows you to upload multiple keywords at a single time. Have your campaign running smoothly with less effort than ever before.

Control bid prices and more

With access to our API, you will always have the ability to control bid prices, and upload keyword lists.